East Midlands Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care


All events have been POSTPONED until further notice.

The East Midlands Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care is dedicated to providing the highest level of pre-hospital education to the full spectrum of pre-hospital providers. Sessions are well attended by a range of care providers including Doctors, Paramedics, ECAs, Nurses, Ambulance Technicians from NHS, private and charity organisations. Every month members of the Fire & Rescue Service, Police and Mountain Rescue attend sessions as well as in-hospital professionals and a warm welcome is extended to members from outside the region.  

The sessions open at 19:30 for coffee and start at 19:45. As of April 2017 for those who require a certificate of attendance and refreshments (Tea & Coffee) a fee of £3.00 is requested

Please see the calendar for details of our next Monday evening session.  


Delegates are reminded that many of the speakers are experts in ther field and attendance is not a licence to practice. 

Andy Lee, Chair 

Full time Fire Officer

Paramedic & BASICS Instructor 



Dr Clare O'Connell 

Consultant in Emergency Medicine & 

Paediatric Emergency Medicine


Dr John Stephenson

Former Medical Director 

East Midlands Ambulance Service 

BASICS Instructor


  East Midlands Pre-Hospital Care
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